Key technical Features G3.1

  • Light –  14 Kg (without battery )
  • Speed: max 37 Km/h (23 M/h)
  • Travel Distance: up-to 45km
  • Motor:  500 Watt , Torque 38N.M
  • Battery 48v 10.4Ah(standard) , Opt. Battery 48v 13Ah
  • Wheels: 12.5 x 2.125″ pneumatic , CST tires.
  • No welding, double steering-tube
  • Double disk breaks (tektro)
  • ANBOTEK Certified,EMC,LVD,  MSDS – for batteries
  • Fold-able and fits into every car
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty 

power motor 500watt + tektro disk brake 160mm

mayple multi layer board

Why G3.1 better than other e-Scooters?


G3.1’s frame geometry is distinctive. Although light, it is more robust, compared to other e-Scooters.
The aluminum frame is more elastic, and helps absorb shocks.
The scooters’ structure is designed to carry both heavy riders and go through vigorous rides.
Since G3.1 can be folded easily, it will have less pressure on the frame’s bars, thus preventing them from breaking down.



G3.1 was designed for tough road conditions and to last for at least two years, on a daily usage basis, compared

to competitors exceptionally short life span, of only a few months. This is why EasyBike’s manufacturer comprehensive warranty is for 2 years (excluding battery & charger), double than the standard e-scooter.


Safety level of the e-Scooters industry is low, resulting in manufacturers’ exposure to high claims, due to accidents, caused by product poor safety standards. EasyBike G3.1 is among the top safest e-Scooters.


G3.1 board is large and wide, provides comfort, proper standing, and increases safety and stability of ride.


Double TEKTRO Disk Breaks generate precise and immediate stop. Stopping Distance is 1/3 of the Approved Standards.

WHEELS: 12.5 x 2.125″

(compared to 8-10″), with wide robust tires.
The larger wheels’ diameter provides more SAFETY and RIDING COMFORT.
Large wheels which are shock absorber ideal for bumpy roads.
G3.1 is less vulnerable to potholes and cracks on the road.
Scooter with small wheels may get stuck, even in a small pothole, causing a severe accident.
Having larger wheels, thus larger circular momentum – makes the ride more stable.


Range of optional combinations, based on 48V and 36V batteries. Currently under development, a model with TWO batteries: one – internal 48V 5.2 A which suits most needs – up-to a 15 Km ride.
The other – external and replaceable 5.2 or 10.4A.
All batteries – LI-ION with 1000 charging cycles.
Max distance ride – 50 Km.
For a shorter ride – use only the internal battery.
Unique upgrade for e-Scooter Operators: instead of carrying the entire e-Scooter, through the street, to charge it over-night, just replace quickly and easily the empty external battery, also during the operating hours. This increases up-time.



Double bars for better stability, strength and elasticity.


Light, yet powerful, with the highest momentum. Low energy consumption. Internal built-in GEAR provides high momentum. For example, G3.1 runs uphill better than e-Scooter with a 1000W motor, that has no built-in gear.


allows a variety of features, such as: Manual Kick start – yes/no, 3 acceleration levels, setting the max speed, limit the max current and more.


 Integral alarm system allows starting G3.1 with no key. Currently under development – remote control via internet .


Our team members

Nir Alperovich

Founder  & Managing Partner

Bsc. Ind. Engineering

Design, Engineering & Production

Dor Alperovich

R&D Director

Bsc. Electrical Engineering

Product enginner

Gery Michaeli

Founder & Managing Partner

Bsc. Ind. Engineering/ MBA Mkt.

Business Development

Amir Zaid
Design & engineering
B.s.c Automative Design.
Design  engeening & production.