What is the real price of the scooter

The common mistake and not only in the scooter field is to examine the price of the product only on the day of purchase. The correct calculation takes into account the cumulative use costs over time as well as the cost of non-use. Cost of spare parts, ceiling cost, the price that can be sold after two years and more. These costs go up whenever the product price is initially lower. G3 in correct calculation is cheap for the period of use.


How to choose your scooter .

If you have scooter experience you will have one test ride and all the words are unnecessary.

If you have no experience in scooters you should do test rides in the right ones. If you do not know where to start we will be happy to help you. You will receive objective advice from us. Most people do not even know how to test the product before buying. Only experienced (bitter) owners know what to check out at the buying stage.

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 Experience the Scooter G3

With G3 you feel different. The difference is in something that cannot be explained in words and not in numbers. It’s the same feeling that an experienced rider gets on the tool and immediately feels the difference. How can one explain the sense of security? How is it measured? How to measure or explain accuracy and stopping power. How does one explain the sense of rigidity and softness of the tool? And, of course, precise steering, correct, precise geometry, such that if you swivel the left-hand bayonet quickly, the scooter will not ride or lose stability. In short, you are invited to a test ride. If you do not feel the difference then you probably need several months to try another tool.
Anyone with a G3 will no longer be able to ride any other tool.

The warranty

EasyBike gives two years warranty for the product and one year for the battery. This is a comprehensive warranty and its contents appear in the warranty. The two-year warranty is subject to registration on the Izibake website.

The service

Service is our top priority. The most professional service can be obtained at Izibake Lab. Beyond the warranty period the service is payable. See Spare Parts and Work List (Service Menu).

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Electric Scooter – Premium

The G3 is designed and manufactured for longevity without incident. Designed for maximum safety and enjoyment. Direct purchase from the manufacturer guarantees you professional guidance and perfect fit for your needs.

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